Voice Lesson Consultation (Atlanta area bidders only) ⋆ Ashleigh Slater

Voice Lesson Consultation (Atlanta area bidders only)

What You Get

A 30-minute evaluation of your voice and whether or not lessons may be suitable or helpful with private vocal coach, Lisa Jones. We’ll also discuss what you could achieve with lessons if there is a desire to continue. Only available to Atlanta area bidders. Valued at $20.

About Lisa Jones

Lisa has been singing on stage since she was 3 years old. As her love of music grew, she knew that a musical career was her calling. Solo work, choirs, musical theater, and recording studios were her life. After completing her vocal studies from both Shorter University and Mercer University, Lisa hit the road where singing in a different city every night gave her the experience and singing chops to thrive vocally. Although her classical training helped greatly, it was the real world stage experience that sets her apart as a vocal technician. Having gained valuable stage and studio experience on the road and in her recording studio work, she infuses what she’s learned into the insightful way she teaches. Her visual approach to vocal technique is unique and comes from Lisa’s own experiences and challenges in vocal fitness and the stresses of night after night performances. Her unique approach to technique and authenticity in singing have encouraged hundreds of people over the years to stretch beyond their comfort zone and reach their goals.

In 1998, she opened LJ Studio. Lisa works with Vocalists from many different backgrounds and experiences. Whether she’s working with musical theater productions, individual vocalists, worship leaders, or studio productions, Lisa’s passion and conviction are contagious and inspiring. As a worship leader herself, Lisa often works with church vocal/worship teams to grow and improve their worship leading strengths and their vocal abilities. One of her great joys as a technician and teacher to instill confidence where it was lacking previously. Lisa considers it a great privilege to teach and inspire others to reach higher and farther than they believed they could ever go.


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