Take a Leap of Faith with Your Spouse ⋆ Ashleigh Slater

Take a Leap of Faith with Your Spouse

Take a Leap of Faith with Your Spouse

“I think we should put a bid on the house we looked at today,” my husband Ted shared with me over the phone.

We’d been looking at houses for months. After a year of multiple job losses, two out-of-state moves, and living in a couple rental properties, we were ready to plant roots. We wanted the security of staying “put” for a while.

Just a few hours earlier, we’d looked at a foreclosure. While it had a lot going for it, I wasn’t sold on it. The kitchen and bathrooms were old and outdated. The storage was minimal. And in our new home state of Missouri, where a tornado had recently torn through Joplin, it was missing the all-important basement. If it were solely my decision, I’d have passed.

But Ted saw potential in this fixer upper. He had a “feeling” we should put a bid on it, and soon at that.

“Okay,” I replied.

Now it may seem that I was won over a little too quickly. Why did I so easily throw my reservations to the wind and go with Ted’s inkling? Do I merely attribute it to being a “submissive” wife?

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