Feed Your Spouse Praise

The good news is that, as much as food speaks love to Ted, I know a more direct — not to mention less labor-intensive — way to his heart.

Easter Mourning Together

The suffering Ted and I experienced together ultimately made our marriage stronger.

Everybody’s Workin’ for the Weeknight: 4 Reasons to Love Weeknight Dates

Not only are weeknight dates best for our calendar, I’ve come to prefer them. Here are four reasons why.

When a Friend’s Marriage Falters

Even if you feel unqualified, you can still be there for your friends. Here are three things I’m learning normal, non-counselors like you and me can do.
When to Take a Mommy Time Out

When to Take a Mommy Time Out

How to do you know when it's time to take a mommy time out? Here are some not-so-subtle signals that warn, “System Overload!”
When Marriage Feels Too Messy to Cleanup

When Marriage Feels Too Messy to Cleanup

Sometimes marriage can feel too messy for cleanup. But here’s why we shouldn’t give up.

Work Beautifully

When we faithfully and cheerfully carry out the work God has given us, our efforts can benefit and add beauty to someone else’s day.

Solving the World’s Problems, Together

If solving problems together has been difficult lately, then maybe it’s time for you to start a new date-night tradition.

2 Ways to Salvage a Day Gone Wrong

Here are two ways you can salvage a day gone wrong in your marriage.

The Princess in Need of Rescue

A lesson some new modern princesses seek to nullify and voidify is this: My daughters do need rescue. Desperately.
The Beauty of a Lived In House

The Beauty of a Lived In House

There's beauty in a lived in house, one that encourages us to let our guard down and engage in authentic conversation with each other.

The Process of Marrification

Marrification -- or growing into the united state of marriage -- takes time.

When Marriage Meets Busy: A Game Plan

Do you ever struggle to stay connected with your spouse when life hits a busy season? Here are three practical ways to stay connected.

A Book to Read Before You Live

Wilson challenges me. He reminds me not to waste the time I’ve been given. Instead to embrace the fact that “life is here. Life is now.”

Frozen: A Takeaway, Not A Review

Yep, at our small castle it’s "Frozen" 14/7. But only because the other 10 hours a day, our daughters sleep.
kids will love at Disney

Four Attractions Kids Will Love at Disney World

If you are currently planning a trip to visit Mickey and friends, here are four attractions I’m confident your kids will love at Disney World.

Quilting Grief

The baby quilt I finished that week stands as the second most significant one I’ve made in my eight years of sewing.

Partying in the Capitol

Ted and my fun evening of partying in "The Capitol!"

Chatting with Dorothy

This is what happens when I sit down for an interview with my two-year-old. I think she may just be the best interview guest...

The Problem with “Girl Power”

In our culture, how do I strive to teach my girls on daily basis that men can be strong too? Here are three practical ways.