Team Us

Would you identify your fights within marriage as “Me vs. You” or “Team Us”?

The Repent Game

On some days, I need the “Repent” game more than my kids do.

Of Bats and Batgirls

When things go "bump" in the night, I wonder if my daughter's practicing echolocation skills.

The Slow Wean

When my daughter Savannah turned two, we entered the dreaded season of pacifier weaning.

The Friendship Inventory

The people we spend time with will rub off on us ... as well as the way they view marriage.
Be Like Sue Heck and Fail With Gusto

Be Like Sue Heck and Fail with Gusto

It's inevitable that each of us will fail at times, but will we choose be a Sue Heck and fail with gusto? Here's how we can do that.
Starve Your Secret Married Crushes

Starve Your Secret Married Crushes

Is it harmless for husbands and wives to have secret married crushes? While some experts say yes, I have a different opinion.