When Your Marriage Meets Grief

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When Your Marriage Meets Grief

Four years ago, our preborn child Noah died through miscarriage. Today, I’m over at The Better Mom talking about how Ted and I grieved this loss very differently.

Just as we brought differences to the way we cooked, drove, and parented, we brought differences to our loss and the way we processed it.

It was hard to figure out how to grieve together when we grieved so differently. But we slowly – and often clumsily – navigated it. And, as we did, we continued to grow together, rather than allow the loss to tear us apart. How did we do this? One way was by allowing the other to grieve as they needed to, even if it wasn’t how we preferred.

I go on to share three things we remembered in the process that helped us. You can read those here.

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  1. People actually do grieve differently ! My Beloved and I found that out differently. He got custody of his 6 yr daughter. I was told at 23 yrs I could never could have children and everything was wiped clean! I had a hard time with that bit of news. That was not the first! She was the daughter I could never have, and he the Beloved of my Live. When she left us after 7 years, we grieved very differently. Our Church walked out! Our family walked out. I plummeted down into a deep depression.fast only putting together puzzles and TV! . My Beloved worked every chance he could USUALLY 16-20 HOURS A NIGHTS. . It was a miracle we came out as well as we did! By the grace of God we made it, after all HE PUT US TOGETHER! A COUPLE OF YEARS WE DID TALK ABOUT IT in depth and mrveled at the miracle He had brought us through!. Through tears and pain and our Love in Him!

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