Marriage, the Holidays, and Early Morning Brave

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What do marriage, holidays, and being brave have in common? Well, this week I happen to have written about all three.


When it comes to the joy and the stress of the holidays, how do you and your spouse approach it? If you’re struggling to face the holidays together, I’m at sharing five ways to navigate the season hand-in-hand rather than back-to-back. You can read “5 Ways for Husbands and Wives to Face the Holidays as a Teamhere.


Is being brave in daily life ever hard for you? It is for me. But one early morning, ready or not, God called me to be brave. To step out of fear and into courage. Even if I didn’t feel equipped or adequate or ready. Read about my “Early Morning Brave” experience over at Faithlife Women here.

If one of these pieces resonates with you, please leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to respond. I’d love to talk about both with you.

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