Living Well, Forgetfully

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Today I’m over at my friend Darlene’s blog Time-Warp Wife. Darlene is currently hosting a Women Living Well summer book club and this post — “Living Well, Forgetfully” — is my contribution. Here’s the intro:

My husband Ted’s flaws?

Well, I’ve been asked about them more than once … including on live radio. I suppose that’s what comes from devoting an entire chapter in my book Team Us to the “killing” of old habits in marriage.

And do you know what happens? Every. Single. Time.

My mind goes blank. After which, I end up muttering something about Ted’s time management issues. A flaw for which with every additional interview I do, I think he’s slowly earning the reputation as poster boy. You see, in that Bill-Murray-Groundhog-Day-type-moment of mine, it’s all I can come up with.

Juicy, I know.

It’s not that Ted doesn’t have any other flaws. Of course, he does. He’d probably be the first to list them off for you. So my blank mind isn’t the result of a lack of flaws. Instead, it’s a happy outcome of my focus. A focus that has come about after years of practice.

Read the rest of “Living Well, Forgetfully” here.

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