Invite the Grim Reaper to Your Wedding

Invite the Grim Reaper to Your Wedding

Invite the Grim Reaper to Your Wedding
Death. It’s not exactly something you want to equate with a wedding. After all, that’s what funerals are for, right?

So it seems logical that the Grim Reaper – whom How Stuff Works describes as “the black-cloaked, scythe-wielding personification of death” – should not be on the guest list.

Or should he?

Perhaps not literally, no. Metaphorically, though, I say yes. Invite the Grim Reaper to your wedding. My husband Ted did.

Allow me to explain.

Prior to our wedding, Ted realized that marriage required death. More specifically, the death of the single man. It was an understanding he came to back in 2002, years before Brad Paisley started singing country tunes about it. And for Ted, it signified not that “all good things must end,” but that in order to begin a new and exciting season, “some things must end.” Death isn’t just reserved for the groom, though. The death of the single woman benefits marriage too.

So what exactly does inviting the Grim Reaper to your wedding look like? What “must end”? Here are two things.

1. It Means to Let Go of Old Habits

To let go of ingrained habits that may be fine when you’re single (e.g., making expensive purchases on a whim, or staying up all hours of the night), but not-so-great when you’re married, isn’t a quick and easy process. It’s not going to be instantaneous. It takes time. Years, even.

Here’s the thing, though, letting go of a habit starts when you make the decision that you want to let go of it. In her article at Psychology Today, Susan Krauss Whitborne writes, “You can only change what you decide you want to change. All psychological models of change emphasize the importance of commitment as a necessary first step.”

Your wedding is the ideal opportunity to not only commit to your new spouse, but to making the changes necessary to help your relationship succeed. On the honeymoon and beyond, you can put action to your decision, understanding that “practice makes progress” when it comes to the death of old habits.

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