An Interview and Giveaway at Readerly! ⋆ Ashleigh Slater

An Interview and Giveaway at Readerly!

Today I’m so excited to be chatting about Team Us: Marriage Together with my friend Alison over at her blog Readerly. One of my favorite things she asked about — which hasn’t come up in any of my other interviews yet — was this:

What’s it like to write about marriage? I remember when my husband and I had to speak as a couple in front of a several hundred people, and it seems that that task sparked one of our biggest fight in our marriage! Did writing about a marriage ever seem daunting in your own relationship?

Find out how I answered and read the rest of our conversation here at Readerly. Also, while you’re there, enter for a chance to win a copy of Team Us: Marriage Together. Alison is giving a copy away to one lucky reader. So be sure to enter!


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