How to Instill in Your Kids a Love for the Arts

How to Instill in Your Kids a Love for the Arts

How to Instill in Your Kids a Love for the Arts

Her ninth birthday may be months away, but that hasn’t stopped my third grader from drafting her must-have gift list.

What’s on it?

Only one thing, and it’s probably not what you’d expect.

She’s requested tickets to see The Phantom of the Opera when the national tour hits our city. When I was in the third grade, I’m not sure I even knew what a Broadway show was.

I do now.

Somewhere between third grade and my thirties, I developed a deep appreciation for musical theatre and the arts in general. It’s a love that my husband and I share and have now instilled in our four daughters. One that’s even resulted in our eleven-year-old being cast in this year’s national tour of a Tony-Award winning show. She’s currently traveling the United States performing as a singing, dancing, and smiling orphan.

While your child may or may not find herself auditioning for a musical in New York City, you can still teach him or her how to appreciate the arts – whether it be theatre and film, music, dance, drawing, painting, or photography. Here are a few ways we’ve instilled a love for the arts in our kids.

1. We’ve Exposed Our Kids to the Arts

When we moved to Atlanta over four years ago, one of our first adventures was to a puppet theater. I wanted to introduce our girls to live performances at a venue that specialized in age-appropriate, kid-friendly productions. They loved it.

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