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Escaping the “I’m Right/You’re Wrong” Mentality

Escaping the "I'm Right/You're Wrong" Mentality
Ted and I watched the 2013 film The Wolverine last week.

Ted really liked it … well, at least the parts of it he remembers. You see, after professing his enjoyment of this Hugh Jackman flick, he admitted that he’d slept through a large portion of it. But that said, he knew he liked the part that was set in snow-covered Alaska.

What did I think?

Well, even though I’m a fan of Marvel Comic-inspired movies in general — specifically the Captain America, Spiderman and Iron Man films — I didn’t care so much for this particular movie. I can’t pinpoint the exact reasons.

Why am I sharing all of this with you? It’s because watching The Wolverine got me thinking about Hugh Jackman (or, if you’ve seen Night at the Museum 3, “Huge Ackman”) and how he’s been married almost 20 years.

Impressive, right? Definitely.

So what’s Jackman’s best marital advice? Well, O: The Oprah Magazine asked him just that back in December 2012. His answer?

“Your wife is always right. Very simple. I think I’m going to get it tattooed on my forehead.”

It isn’t just actors like Jackman or mainstream magazines like O that offer this as an ingredient for marital bliss, though. A few months ago, I heard a female radio host on my local Christian station ask a guest, “So who’s always right in your marriage?”

“My wife,” replied the husband of 3 months.

To which the host laughed in response, “Smart man.”

But is “your wife is always right” really good advice? Or does it promote a “I’m right and you’re wrong” mentality in marriage? I’m sharing my thoughts on this today at Ungrind. You can read them here.

Speaking of best marital advice, what’s yours?




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