5 Ways Helping Others Can Improve My Marriage

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5 Ways Helping Others Can Improve My Marriage

Did you know that helping others can actually improve your marriage? At least, Ted and I have found this to be true in our twelve years as husband and wife.

This week, I’m at Focus on the Family’s website sharing five ways serving together has strengthened our marriage and helped us feel more connected as a couple.

Want to know one of the ways?

For starters, helping others together has allowed us to create shared experiences and memories. I write:

After suffering a miscarriage five years ago, Ted and I decided to participate in a local pregnancy center’s yearly Walk for Life. We wanted to pour our energy into loving expectant mothers in a tangible way. For more than a month, we worked together to raise funds for the event.

We marched side by side for the 2-mile walk, joining hands as we crossed the finish line. For us, serving together in this way not only drew us closer as a couple, but it created cherished memories we look back on together.

Award-winning author Jim Burns writes that “families who build a healthy identity are the ones who slow down enough to share enjoyable and meaningful times together.” This isn’t just true for your family as a whole, but also for you as a couple. Strong marriages are made up of shared experiences and the positive memories created in the process. Ted and I have found that serving together is a great way to do just that.

Read the other four ways over at Focus on the Family. After you do, I’d love to have you share your thoughts.

What’s one way helping others together has improved your marriage?



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  1. This is SOOOO true. Helping others really brings my husband and I closer. Yesterday, we did outreach and it was such a powerful experience. Even though, we only went to doors and asked people what they needed; it still allowed us to feel empowered and encouraged. It was definitely an awesome experience. We do ministry together. I am a Pastor and he is a chaplain. Every time we work together, it makes us feel like God has called us together for a special purpose.

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