5 Reasons Church is Good for Your Marriage

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5 Reasons Church is Good for Your Marriage

How can active participation in a church (a.k.a. a healthy, life-giving body of Jesus followers) benefit your marriage?

Well, I’m over at iBelieve.com this week sharing 5 ways I’ve gleaned from my personal experience. To get you started, here’s #1 of 5:

1. Church Provides Shared Experiences

A huge part of married life is shared experiences. Shared experiences come from doing the day-to-day of life together and making memories with one another in the process. For Ted and me, church offers another opportunity for this. We wake up together, get the kids ready together, drive together, sit together, worship together, drive home together, and sometimes eat lunch out together with our girls. When workweek jobs and responsibilities require we spend a lot of time apart, church brings us together.

Head over to iBelieve.com to read Reasons #2, #3, #4, and #5 in my article, “5 Reasons Church is Good for Your Marriage.” Then come back here and let me know what I missed. I’d love to hear how church has been good for your relationship.



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