3 Ways Parents Can Team Up for the Holidays ⋆ Ashleigh Slater

3 Ways Parents Can Team Up for the Holidays

3 Ways Parents Can Team Up for the Holidays

Have you ever compared your spouse to an animated character? I have.

On more than one occasion, I’ve likened my husband Ted to the Grinch. Yes, as in the green recluse who lives on Mount Crumpit with the heart three sizes too small. It’s a good thing this man of mine has a sense of humor.

While my husband certainly isn’t lacking in the ability to laugh at himself, what he is wanting in is holiday cheer. At least the kind that fuels excited participation. When it comes to tree trimming and Christmas cookie making, he just doesn’t care all that much – and it shows.

The problem is, I do. Our four kids do too.

Maybe you can’t relate. Perhaps your spouse has holiday cheer in equal measures to you. It could even be that you’re married to a Buddy the Elf. Yet whether you’re hoping your spouse’s heart will increase by three sizes or singing loud for all to hear, I think we can agree that either way, parenting as a united team during the holiday has its challenges.

For example? Well, there’s determining which of your traditions to adopt, or deciding where to spend Christmas or New Year’s. Maybe even how much money to spend on gifts for your kids or what gifts to even buy them.

So how can you and your spouse work together to create a memorable and enjoyable holiday season for your entire family? I’m over at Crosswalk.com sharing three traits you can adopt. Read “3 Ways Parents Can Team Up for the Holidays” here.

Merry Christmas!



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