3 Reasons to Be Vulnerable with Your Kids

3 Reasons to Be Vulnerable with Your Kids

3 Reasons to Be Vulnerable with Your Kids

“The toilet is spilling water all over the floor!” hollered Daughter #3 from upstairs.

The homeschool history lesson I was teaching to Daughter #1 and #2 came to a screeching halt as I bolted upstairs to find that, sure enough, the watery depths of the “potty” were quickly covering the bathroom floor and racing toward the hallway carpet.

What followed next were panicked screams, weeping, and some gnashing of teeth … all from me. Let’s just say a flooded bathroom mid-history lesson, before I’d even brushed my teeth, wasn’t on that day’s agenda. I shudder to think how I’d have responded if I hadn’t at least had coffee first.

Later, after the bathroom floor was dried, the carpet less water-logged, and I’d calmed down, I returned to our study of the Boxer Rebellion.

The first words out of my mouth?

Well, that would be these: “Girls, the way I just acted is a perfect example of how not to act.” I then went on to apologize and explain what I should have done differently.

And so went our last great bathroom flooding.

The truth is, some days I’m not a good example to my kids. My attitudes and the actions that result aren’t Christ-honoring. I’m not proud of it, but it happens. While I may not always be a perfect example to my kids, I’m learning that humbling myself is just one way I can be vulnerable with my kids – and they need that. I believe yours do too, and here are three reasons why.

1. Vulnerability Offers “Me Too”

Not too long ago, one of my girls shared with me that she had a bad dream in which kids she knew were making fun of her.

My response?

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