2 Tools to Help Kids Do Anger Better

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2 Tools to Help Kids Do Anger Better

She was angry. There was no doubt about it.

Her words, “You stupid egghead,” made it clear … even if they proved to be an oxymoron. After all, it’s common knowledge that eggheads are smart, right? Well, at least to all of us over the age of five.

I swiftly placed her on our designated “thinking spot” and set the timer. I knew she needed a few minutes to calm down; that her anger had to subside before we could really talk about her words.

Five minutes later, the timer beeped. And there I was, sitting next to her.

“Savannah,” I said, “Do you remember our verse? ‘In your anger do not sin’?”

She nodded, ever so slightly.

“You were angry at your sister, weren’t you?” I probed.

Again, a nod.

“Did you act unkind when you were angry?”

Another nod.

I hate to admit it, but I haven’t always been intentional when it comes to helping Savannah process her anger. It’s not that this type of heart-​​probing conversation was a foreign concept for me. I’d read the books on it. So you’d have thought I had this thing down by now. You know, since she is our third kid and all. But I didn’t. Our first two never struggled with anger to this degree.

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